Property Of... was founded in 2006 by Peter Teo and Richard Chamberlain, the owners of a line of cafes in Singapore. They created a brand of fine men’s bags and accessories and named it Property Of... The collection is designed with a signature, clean timeless aesthetic and is targeted at men and women with a contemporary urban lifestyle. A consistent focus of Property Of... is making durable, lightweight and well thought out products. Everything we make is designed with a definite use case and a particular person or personality profile in mind.

The name Property Of... was selected, as it is a phrase traditionally used as a prefix on many functional products. It was chosen as a type of ‘non label’ and as a way to simply refer to the unique identity of each bag's owner. Through its use on our signature luggage tag style, our labeling is functional and present while remaining understated.

A few years later, the brand stands for high quality and functionality. A women’s line has been added, and the signature personalized ID tags have become a trademark. The design team is still based in Singapore, but online and wholesale orders and international marketing and PR are handled in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Store

Singapore Store

The Flagship Store is also located in Amsterdam, on Herenstraat 2 in the cozy Jordaan area. The interior of the store clearly shows the brand’s origin in cafe culture: the store’s focal point is a beautiful bar which doubles as a cash register and the antique tiles and mirrors give the space a homely and cozy atmosphere. In addition to Property Of... goods, the store provides an array of like-minded magazines and products while serving great cappuccinos.

Herenstraat 2 / 1015CA Amsterdam / The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 622 59 09 / Email: amsterdam@thepropertyof.com

Mon-Tue 12.00-18.00 / Wed-Sat 11.00-18.30 / Sun 12.00-17.00

Property Of... has a store in Singapore as well: Project Shop, located on Orchard Road on the second level of the Paragon Shopping Centre. It is a combination of a store selling Property Of... goods and a cafe that is part of the PS Cafe Group. While in Singapore, you should also check out the other PS Cafes.

Find more information at www.pscafe.com.

290 Orchard Road / Paragon Shopping Centre 3rd Floor / Singapore
Tel: +65 6735 0071 / Email: linda@projectshop.com

Mon-Sun 10.30am-9.30pm